My mostly open-source personal projects

  • browser-extension-react-typescript-starter

    React & TypeScript Starter for developing web extensions with hot reload!

  • turborepo-cdktf-microservices-app

    (POC) Monorepo that includes serverless microservices using AWS Lambda and Amazon MQ (RabbitMQ) for backend, Vercel for frontend (Next.js) with Terraform CDK infrastructure.

  • next-moviapp

    Explore movies, tv shows. Personalize watchlist and favorites. Built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Firebase, NextAuth, TypeScript, TMDB v3 API.

  • umuttepe-hava-botu

    Twitter bot that tweets Umuttepe weather conditions with live camera frames periodically.

  • umuttepe-hava

    Progressive web application for Umuttepe weather conditions, includes live stream in the background. Built with Next.js, TypeScript and Tailwind CSS.

  • laravel-real-time-chat-app

    Real-time chat app. Step by step how-to tutorial published on Medium with production demo. Built with React, Laravel Echo, Breeze,, Redis, Inertia.js, Tailwind CSS.

  • turborepo-terraform-cdk-aws-vercel

    (POC) Nextjs deployment on Vercel, Serverless API (Express) deployment on AWS Lambda, Terraform CDK infrastructure, monorepo (Turborepo) example.

  • Tweet Identifier

    (WIP) Find and get the real tweet url from a tweet screeenshot with pandas and Tesseract OCR. Serve to users with Twitter bot and a website.

  • RGB LED Strip Controller PWA

    Control the LED Strip built with MSP430 with BLE. Progressive web app written with React, Redux with all TypeScript, includes operation modes and LED animations.

  • Reddit r/place Clone

    Reddit r/place Clone built with NestJS and React

  • python-laravel-queue

    Sync Laravel queue (Redis driven) with Python. Provides an interface for communication between Laravel and Python. Perfect for serving deep learning, artificial intelligence applications as a service.

  • demo-almost-netflix-for-web-next

    A Netflix clone built with @appwrite + @reactjs + Next.js (Ported version from @nuxt with some features & fixes)

  • kou-letter-grade-calculator

    KOU Letter Grade Calculator, KOUBS Istatistik Wrapper & Web API

  • pdf-merger

    PDFMerger for PHP (PHP 7.3 & PHP 8 Compatible)

  • cf-restore-visitor-ip

    Cloudflare restore original visitor IP in PHP